A Trip to the Danish Design Museum

Today we took a trip to the Danish Design Museum to learn more about Danish culture. Denmark is well renowned for having many famous architects and designers and it was amazing to be able to look at their work. It was free to go as a student and was much bigger than I expected. It's … Continue reading A Trip to the Danish Design Museum

A Fantastic Trip back to Herning

  Hi friends! Last week, I was lucky enough to be able to travel back to Herning for my Thanksgiving vacation. It was quite a surprise to get the vacation because of how I'm studying in Denmark, so it was definitely curious being out of school but not having the traditional family gathering at the … Continue reading A Fantastic Trip back to Herning

Carlsberg Field Study

Hi friends! As promised, here are some photos of our trip to Carlsberg for a field study. Carlsberg is the third largest brewing company in the world and it is Danish, based in Copenhagen! We went with my Danish class and instead of doing the typical brewery tour, we visited with an old friend of … Continue reading Carlsberg Field Study

Field Study to the Danish War Museum

Hi friends! I'm sorry about the lack of posts lately. I traveled home to celebrate the life of my grandfather, who passed away last month, and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my family. However, I'm back now, and I wanted to share with you all about my class's trip to … Continue reading Field Study to the Danish War Museum

Field Study with Danish Class to Dyrehavn

Last Wednesday we took another field study as a Danish class. We met at the metro station at 8:30 and took our bikes on the train until we reached the town where the deer garden was. After eating pastries on the beach and biking around a little bit, we reached our destination. It was beautiful … Continue reading Field Study with Danish Class to Dyrehavn

Mid-semester reflection

  Hey friends! Here is my (a little bit more than) halfway reflection about my semester here in Copenhagen. We are just starting our second travel week, which I have free because I traveled with my core class to Brussels during the first travel week. This has given me some time to look back on … Continue reading Mid-semester reflection

The Final Three Days in Brussels

Hi friends! Back again to recap the last three days of our long study tour to Brussels. If you weren't able to check out the first post about Brugge and the second post covering the first two days in Brussels, make sure to head over and check those out first! On Wednesday, we probably had … Continue reading The Final Three Days in Brussels