Something different!

Hi friends! Thought I would do something different this week because right now we are in Brussels! So here are 10 things I wish I knew before I used the Danish train system.

The Top 10 Things an American needs to know about Danish Trains

  1. Always have your ticket! This is crucial. If you get caught without a ticket, then you will have to pay a fee of more than $100! It operates on the honor system so they don’t check all the time, but don’t run the risk!
  2. The quiet zone is a real thing! Usually, at the very end or front of the train, there is a quiet zone (Stillezone). You don’t have to pay extra, but you have to be quiet, meaning no chatting with friends or talking on the phone. Danes will call you out on it and get annoyed.
  3. Make sure to press the button to open the door when getting on or off the train! Train doors do not automatically open, so if there is no one who is getting out, you will have to press the button to open the door. Always wait for people to get out before getting on.
  4. Trains run 24/7 generally, download Rejseplanen! This goes for all public transportation in Copenhagen, so you don’t have to worry about anything not running at specific time. Rejseplanen will help you out a lot.
  5. Just be quiet in general! Americans talk a lot louder than Danes, especially on public transportation. This will be very noticeable to both parties and it’s important to be aware of your volume.
  6. The best seats are by the windows in the direction the train is running! Danes love those seats, so if you get one, you won’t really have to worry about someone sitting next to you unless all those seats are taken.
  7. Only seat three if there is no other place to sit with two! The train seats will fit two people comfortably, three, if it is rush hour and the train is completely full. Don’t try and fit three on an empty train, it just looks weird.
  8. Always be on time!! This is super-duper important. The trains are on time 95% of the time, to the minute, so you will miss it if you are there a minute late.
  9. To move through cars, you either have to press the yellow button on the door or wave your hand towards the motion detector above the door. This is important so you don’t look like a fool waving at a door you have to press.
  10. The signs in the train station will tell you the train’s final destination and what time it is arriving/leaving. The signs by the track will tell you when the train is arriving, which cars/wagons are where, and most importantly, how many cars there are in the train that is coming. There can be a maximum of 8, and the red dots will tell you how many are coming and where on the platform they will stop. Wondering where you are? Just look for the grey dot above the red dots.

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