A Fantastic Trip back to Herning


IMG_2950.jpegHi friends!

Last week, I was lucky enough to be able to travel back to Herning for my Thanksgiving vacation. It was quite a surprise to get the vacation because of how I’m studying in Denmark, so it was definitely curious being out of school but not having the traditional family gathering at the same time. Many of my friends had their families from home come visit but because I had just been home, I decided to go and visit my old host family one more time before I go back to the United States.

It was a very relaxing few days, but quite cold! It doesn’t usually get this cold in Denmark in November, but the temperature was hovering around freezing and resulting in lots of bunkering down in the house. On Friday, after doing some shopping and celebrating Black Friday, we actually went to a Julefrokost with the program that I used three years ago. It was very nice to be able to see everyone again, and cool to see the flag that I had signed last time.

I came back to KBH on Monday and am now in the home stretch of three weeks and three final papers left! I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone and as much as I’m looking forward to going home for the holidays, it is going to be very sad to have to leave Denmark again.

Vi ses,



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