The Final Three Days in Brussels

Hi friends!

Back again to recap the last three days of our long study tour to Brussels. If you weren’t able to check out the first post about Brugge and the second post covering the first two days in Brussels, make sure to head over and check those out first!

On Wednesday, we probably had one of the most fun days in Brussels! First, we headed over to the House of European History, which was absolutely fascinating.  It was cool to experience something that was different and not all about the European Union. A lot of especially loved the exhibit that featured a ceiling tv screen and a bunch of comfortable beds to lie on and watch.


Next, we were able to continue our political actor interviews! The one we had today was someone who worked at a lobbying group in Brussels. It was very interesting going over the entire lobbying process and how it works in the EU and what his role was. Lobbying in the EU is so different from lobbying in the US, especially in terms of the process, not particularly the overall goal.

Finally, the best part of the day was learning how to make Belgian chocolate!! We had an amazing time at Planete Chocolat and took lots of fantastic photos! It was absolutely delicious and we got to take some home.


On Thursday, we visited the European External Action Service, which is basically the EU’s version of our Department of State. We talked about the rules and priorities of the EU, Security and Defense, and EU-US relations. This is a big deal for the EU currently because there are intense discussions at the moment about strengthening the EU’s security and defense policies, in order to protect it externally.

We also went to an Escape Room on Thursday, continuing the list of fun things that we did!! And I’m especially proud to say that my group made it out with just seconds to spare!

On Friday, we visited the European Economic and Social Committee, had lunch and then flew home! It was a wild and quick week, but was such a great experience. I can’t stress enough how wonderful of an opportunity it is to experience such hands-on learning and actually talk to people in the field. I’ve attached a few more touristy photos at the end of this.

Next week, stay tuned for a mid-semester reflection!! 🙂 All the best, and talk to you all soon! Vi ses!!


PS – We all want to congratulate our Core Course teacher, Christine Nissen, for becoming Dr. Christine Nissen!! She is truly such a wonderful asset and we are so grateful to be able to learn from and work with her. IMG_2676


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