A Quick Trip to the Beach!

Hey friends! Life has been pretty crazy here as I am now gearing up for midterms this week and preparing to head off to Brussels on Sunday. But, I did find time to relax and hang out with two of my good friends, Emma and Lynn, who both live in my housing network! We wanted … Continue reading A Quick Trip to the Beach!


Core Course Week: Second and Third Day

Hi friends! The last time I posted, I had covered our first day in Hamburg as part of Core Course Week, so if you haven't read that, you should check it out before you read this post! We started the second day in Hamburg at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, which is both an education and research … Continue reading Core Course Week: Second and Third Day

Core Course Week – Day One in Hamburg!

Hey friends! Where we left off last, I was heading to Hamburg with my core course for three days! Part of core course week, which is a week in the middle of September dedicated to hands-on learning and class bonding, we were in Copenhagen for the first two days and then made our way to … Continue reading Core Course Week – Day One in Hamburg!

First Study Tour with Danish Language and Culture!

One of the great things about DIS is the Wednesday study tours. Essentially, we have normal classes for the rest of the week, but for some Wednesdays, we have study tours with our core class as well as our elective classes. This week, my Danish Language and Culture class ventured off to Christiansborg. Now, I … Continue reading First Study Tour with Danish Language and Culture!

Network Dinner (A low-quality pic with high-quality​ friends)

One of the benefits of living in a homestay network is all of the students who are placed in the network with you! We recently had a dinner together where we made the food and it was truly a wonderful experience. Throughout the semester, we will be able to have "hygge dinners" where the host families prepare … Continue reading Network Dinner (A low-quality pic with high-quality​ friends)

An Adventure at Tårnet!

One of the great things about the DIS program is that when you are placed in a homestay,  you become part of a housing network with other students who live in homestays close to you! The students in my network are from different colleges and states, but it has been amazing being able to explore … Continue reading An Adventure at Tårnet!

The First Week in Kbh

Hi friends!! I arrived safely in København and have been loving living with my new host family! Here are a couple highlights from the first few days, which involved some great cooking, a fantastic trip on Sunday to Hillerød, and a new board game! I also was very happy because I was able to have … Continue reading The First Week in Kbh

A Week in Herning!

Hi friends! This past week, I've been staying with my old host family in Herning! I arrived Sunday evening at 5pm Danish time and will be leaving early Saturday morning. It's been wonderful seeing my family and old friends again and here are a few highlights!     Next, they told me that the next … Continue reading A Week in Herning!

The Journey Begins!

So, I started a blog! It's a bit weird, I'm not usually someone who usually shares a lot, but it is a new challenge and I'm looking forward to it! Also, I did pay for this website so now I have to do it, but that's beside the point.  Anyways... hello! For those of you who … Continue reading The Journey Begins!