First Two Days in Brussels

Hey friends! Thanks for checking back in! Our first two full days in Brussels were incredibly action-packed and here is a quick little recap! This core course is on the EU, so we visited a few EU institutions on Monday and Tuesday, with many more to come after. The first building that we visited was … Continue reading First Two Days in Brussels

Long Study Tour – 1st Day (Brugge)

Hi friends! This week I will be covering our core course's trip to Brugge and Brussels, Belgium. Today will cover the first day in Brugge, on Wednesday you will see the post about the first two days in Brussels, and Sunday will be the final two days. I generally stress out about flying because airports … Continue reading Long Study Tour – 1st Day (Brugge)

Something different!

Hi friends! Thought I would do something different this week because right now we are in Brussels! So here are 10 things I wish I knew before I used the Danish train system. The Top 10 Things an American needs to know about Danish Trains Always have your ticket! This is crucial. If you get caught … Continue reading Something different!

A Quick Trip to the Beach!

Hey friends! Life has been pretty crazy here as I am now gearing up for midterms this week and preparing to head off to Brussels on Sunday. But, I did find time to relax and hang out with two of my good friends, Emma and Lynn, who both live in my housing network! We wanted … Continue reading A Quick Trip to the Beach!

Core Course Week: Second and Third Day

Hi friends! The last time I posted, I had covered our first day in Hamburg as part of Core Course Week, so if you haven't read that, you should check it out before you read this post! We started the second day in Hamburg at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, which is both an education and research … Continue reading Core Course Week: Second and Third Day

Core Course Week – Day One in Hamburg!

Hey friends! Where we left off last, I was heading to Hamburg with my core course for three days! Part of core course week, which is a week in the middle of September dedicated to hands-on learning and class bonding, we were in Copenhagen for the first two days and then made our way to … Continue reading Core Course Week – Day One in Hamburg!

First Study Tour with Danish Language and Culture!

One of the great things about DIS is the Wednesday study tours. Essentially, we have normal classes for the rest of the week, but for some Wednesdays, we have study tours with our core class as well as our elective classes. This week, my Danish Language and Culture class ventured off to Christiansborg. Now, I … Continue reading First Study Tour with Danish Language and Culture!