A Week in Herning!

Hi friends!

This past week, I’ve been staying with my old host family in Herning! I arrived Sunday evening at 5pm Danish time and will be leaving early Saturday morning. It’s been wonderful seeing my family and old friends again and here are a few highlights!


First, here I am arriving at the train station in Herning! My host mom Inga (of course) was ready with the camera!


Next, they told me that the next day (Monday) they were expecting a new exchange student from France! That was really exciting and I was super happy to meet Chloé! Inga, Peer, Mathias, Viktor and I all drove to a Nature Center to meet the bus with the students and all of the other host families. The bus took a little while to get there, so we took lots of pictures in the meantime.


Here is my host mom, Inga, wearing her trademark “being normal scares me” shirt.



My host brothers, Mathias and Viktor!


Mathias and I! (Not pictured, Viktor, who has even less patience than I do)!

Finally, the bus arrived! There are a lot of exchange students in this area this year, so there was a lot of people around. But, it was not too long until we met Chloé!


The happy new family!! 🙂

Overall, a fantastic day! Another highlight of the week was seeing my second favorite dog again!


Sif ❤

Anyways, those were just a couple of the highlights of the week that I spent here! I was also able to visit my old school, catch up with old friends, and be able to relax! It was so fantastic being back here, and now I am so ready for my new adventure in København!






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