A Quick Trip to the Beach!


Hey friends!

Life has been pretty crazy here as I am now gearing up for midterms this week and preparing to head off to Brussels on Sunday. But, I did find time to relax and hang out with two of my good friends, Emma and Lynn, who both live in my housing network! We wanted to escape the city and Lynn really wanted to see the ocean, so we headed to Amager Strand for a few hours!


It was quite cold and windy, but absolutely beautiful. There were even some people swimming, but we didn’t dare to.

As you can see, Emma and Lynn were big fans of the wind!! 

It was just a short excursion but definitely was worth it.


A large part of Copenhagen is definitely the ocean and it was so nice being able to be on a beach again. Seeing the windmills from a distance reminded me too of all the renewable energy that comes from both the wind and the water and how Denmark is such a leader in that regard.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned because on Sunday I’m headed to Brussels and we have many interesting events planned!!



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