Core Course Week: Second and Third Day


Hi friends!

The last time I posted, I had covered our first day in Hamburg as part of Core Course Week, so if you haven’t read that, you should check it out before you read this post!

We started the second day in Hamburg at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, which is both an education and research institution in Hamburg. Specifically, it offers two Masters Programs in European Studies and European Legal Studies, so it could potentially be an opportunity for us after we graduate from our undergraduate University. We also received a keynote address about the current state of the European Union from the Kolleg Director’s perspective, which was also interesting.

Next, we headed to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, which was fascinating! Not many of us had heard of the Tribunal before we went there but after an information session and tour, we were very happy that we had the opportunity to go. This Tribunal established the international framework for the law of the sea as well as the International Seabed Authority. One of the highlights of the visit is that we actually saw many of the current justices while at our information session, which was an incredible experience. Attached below are a couple photos of the building, which was incredible in itself.



After finishing up at the Tribunal, we were lucky enough to have free time until dinner! I used that time to visit with my old friend Britta, who I had worked together with at the International School Ikast-Brande. She now lives with her family in Hamburg and it was so nice to see her after two years!

The picture at the start of the post is from just outside the restaurant where we had dinner Friday night. I had a very German dinner consisting of beer, schnitzel and strudel, and was very happy after that.

Day Three: Our last day!

We didn’t have too much planned for the last day in Hamburg because most of the time was going to be spent traveling back to Copenhagen.  One thing that we did do was visit Miniatur Wunderland, which is one of the most popular attractions in Hamburg. It essentially is a building where every space is occupied with a miniature replica of different cities and attractions in the world. I have put a couple photos below, but they don’t really do it justice, so if you get the chance to be able to visit, I really recommend that you do!


After Minatur Wunderland, as I mentioned above, we headed back to Copenhagen on the train! It was an incredible trip to Hamburg and I’m so happy that we were able to go and visit.


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