An Adventure at Tårnet!

One of the great things about the DIS program is that when you are placed in a homestay,  you become part of a housing network with other students who live in homestays close to you! The students in my network are from different colleges and states, but it has been amazing being able to explore and experience everything with them!

One of my favorite highlights so far is our trip to Tårnet (the tower) which is located in Christiansborg. It is the highest tower in København and was free to access, which was great!

Here are some pictures of the view, which was truly stunning!


Another stop on our sightseeing tour was when we visited the lakes. There are three of them and in good weather, it’s an incredibly popular spot for runners, bikers, and walkers. We were also able to spot a heron!


That’s it for today! Keep in touch and I’ll check back in soon!


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